Xbox Music App Redesigned for Windows 8.1

The New Xbox Music

Clunky, slow, and with advertisements front and center, the Xbox Music app for Windows 8 is a huge downgrade to Microsoft’s older Windows Media Player and Zune softwares. With Windows 8.1, the next major update to Windows 8, the Xbox Music app has been revamped to put your music collection first and upfront, instead of all the songs you haven’t purchased. In terms of user interface design, the new app is a huge step forward, where instead of tucking hidden menus and sorting options into corners, they are now easily accessible. In terms of clicks, the amount of button-pressing required to play music has been reduced from six to two.

So far, this new update to Xbox Music so far has only appeared in a leaked release of Windows 8.1, and will likely be publicly available once Windows 8.1 officially releases. The redesign is in line with many other minor tweaks to the Windows 8 interface, including the return of the Start button and the ability to open the All Apps list when pressing Start instead of pinned tiles. We expect there to be similar changes within other native Windows 8 apps as well, such as the Xbox Videos app.

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