Things You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

August 8, 2021 0 Comment

Do you know much about Queen Elizabeth? Though the true story of her reign will be told for many years to come, at the moment, we do have some of the basics. Queen Elizabeth is known today as Britain’s queen, though it is really her son and her successor, King Edward, who is the focus of royal history. She was born in Scotland, where her father was a prominent musician of his time. Her name, Randa, was given to her at the time of her marriage to the duke of York.

The most important thing you may not know about Queen Elizabeth is that she loved music. She was very fond of music and enjoyed every moment of it, even when doing official duties. As a matter of fact, one of the most striking facets of her rule was that she never missed a full session of musical theatre. She was known to favor particular artists, often enlisting them as her personal assistants.

Queen Elizabeth also loved traveling. She visited many countries during her reign and kept in touch with her numerous retainers while traveling. She was particularly fond of France and Italy, both of which had strong connections to Great Britain at the time. If you are interested in learning more about the things you may not know about queen Elizabeth, then you will want to read up on her travels and see the sights she saw.

There is one very intriguing bit of information about queen Elizabeth that has only recently been revealed. Though she was the first British monarch to abdicate her throne, it was not until four years after her death that her husband king George III conferred the Order of the British Empire on her. George was just thirty-three years old and was not expected to ascend to the throne until the end of his life. The reason that George III waited was that he was worried that Queen Elizabeth would try to claim the throne for herself. His son and successor, King Edward, had died just a few months before his mother.

One of the most interesting bits of information you may not know about queen Elizabeth is that she was, in fact, married to her much younger half-brother, George of Scotland. George was only fifteen when the marriage took place and, to this day, there are people who believe it to be an act of desperation on the part of the queen. She simply wanted to have her twins around to take care of her during her pregnancy. George was very upset at not being invited to the wedding, however. He filed a case against her and was even willing to risk charges of slander and adultery with his stepmother in order to gain her silence.

If you ever want to learn more about Queen Elizabeth, her reign is definitely an intriguing one. You may also want to learn more about some of her more eccentric habits and quirks. There are even stories about how Queen Elizabeth started wearing the now famous crown or about the legendary “Sleeping Beauty” and her strange ways. While you are doing your research, you may also want to consider reading up on the subjects of William Shakespeare and the Wars of the Roses, as well as learning about some of the lesser-known facts about the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth.


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